Junior Prep Hockey

Middlesex Black Bears Junior/Prep Hockey, a National Junior Development Program

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  • Our program places an extremely high value on the “student” portion of the “student-athlete.”  Our two major academic goals of the National Junior Development Program are to prepare student-athletes for the college admissions process as well as for college life.
  • The Middlesex Black Bears is for those student-athletes, and their families, that want to attend smaller prestigious academic schools where they can obtain an elite education, enjoy a great college experience, and play top tier hockey.
  • Our Junior Prep Hockey program is designed to be a hybrid of the best parts of the Prep and the Junior hockey experiences for the mature and focused student-athlete.
  • Our coaching staff has considerable experience in both the Prep School world as well as the NESCAC and Ivy Leagues as players, coaches, students, teachers, and college advisers – our experience includes schools such as Shattuck St. Mary’s School (Minnesota), Governor’s Academy, Berkshire School, Brooks School, Colby College, Hamilton College, and Harvard University. Click here for our full Coaching Staff Profiles.
  • The Middlesex Black Bears are for serious student-athletes that want and need an extra year to improve their hockey skills, strength, academic intelligence, and maturity.

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Game vs. Thayer Academy

Evaluation for the 2015-2016 Middlesex Black Bears Season will be held at Governor’s Academy (1 Elm Street, Byfield, MA) on March 15th, 2015. Details will be sent after the recruiting form is completed.

 Please fill out our recruiting profile if you are interested in our program.